"Magic’s just science that we don’t understand yet.” ― Arthur C. Clarke

How to Make a Chain Brush in Photoshop

In this fun tutorial you will learn how to make a custom chain brush that will follow your path. You can use the same method to create any custom brush that will follow brush direction. Here you can download my Chain Brush Have fun!  

Beware of the Thief

Beware of the Thief It is a combination of 3D objects created in Cinema 4D and Photography. Enjoy!                  

How to Create a Portrait From a Letters

In this tutorial I will show you how to use displacement map in Photoshop to turn a human face into a letter face or some other symbols. You can download tutorial files here: Text displacement files  

Photo manipulation tutorial

In this fun tutorial I will show you how to split human head in a half, how to fill the gap between, how to reshape the flower and put it in between the head parts. So have fun! You can download tutorial files here: Photo manipulation files  

Football Calendar

Here you can see some of the photos that I did for FC Red Star’s calendar and short BTS video. These are all composite images. I shot the background at FCRS stadium, and then, all players inside, as you can see in the video. Later I combined everything together. Hope you like it. All photos are taken with Fujifilm X-T2 and 14mm lens!    

How to Change Hair Color in Photoshop Using Color Theory

In this tutorial I will show you how to change hair color, or any other color, using color theory. Learn about the colors and color theory and make colors work for you. Have fun! Here you can download tutorial image: Hair color  

5 Split Toning Techniques in Photoshop

In this tutorial I will show you 5 split toning techniques in Photoshop to color grade your images. Try it on your own imags. Have fun!  

How to Create a Winter Snow Scene in Photoshop

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a winter look from any image in Photoshop. There are two basic steps: 1. Create a winter look (desaturate image, and make it brighter) 2. Add snow (create a custom brush for snowflakes) Download tutorial image here: winter-look-image  

How to place an image in text

How to place an image in text for very creative effect. How to make watermarks for you images. In this episode I will show you how to add image texture to your text. Super easy. How to make text pop out of an image. You can use this technique to create a watermark for your images, and much more. Have fun! You can download tutorial images here: tutorial-files

How To Dodge And Burn In Photoshop

What Dodge and Burn are, and how to use them to give life to your images see in this fun tutorial. Push your images more into 3D space.