"Magic’s just science that we don’t understand yet.” ― Arthur C. Clarke

How To Composite Photos In Photoshop

In this fun tutorial I will show you the basics of compositing two images in Photoshop. How to blend them seamlessly to achieve photo realistic result! Also you will learn on what you will need to pay attention before start playing in Photoshop. Here you can download a tutorial files: Composite files Have fun!

How to Create Mask Out of a Human Face

How to create face mask from any human face see in this fun tutorial. 1. Select part of the face that you want to create mask from. 2. Extract selection 3. Change color as you prefer 4. Add depth to the mask 5. Have fun, experiment! 🙂 Download tutorial image: face-mask.jpg  

How To Blend Multiple Images Into One Composite Image

In this tutorial you will learn to blend multiple images into one interesting composite image. You will learn how to use alpha channels to create a layer mask. How to match the colors and use Adobe camera raw filter for final color correction. Here you can download tutorial files.