Berlin Mystery

Sherlock and Watson, Berlin Mystery. Short photo story

Every time I travel, I like to take background photos for my future composites.
This time I was visiting Berlin for some commercial work. Fortunately I had some free time to walk all over the city and to take some photos for my self.
When I was shooting these backgrounds, I didn’t have anything in mind. I was just taking photos of places that I like.

Few mounts later, I got an idea to make short photo story of Sherlock Holmes.
As usual, first thing I like to do when I’m doing compositing work is to find appropriate background for my heroes. I searched through my computer archive, and find out that Berlin background will do the job perfectly.
Then I made some sketches and start to shoot models in studio.
Below you can see the photos and the GIF files how those photos were made.



s3-Edit s5-Edit s10-Edits7-Edits6-Edit

GIF files. How it’s done.

  01 02 03 04 05

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