1. Hi great tutorial
    Which Wacom tablet do you recommend to use when composting .
    Do you have any tutorials on using Wacom and pen tool etc.
    Cheers and thanks.

    • Hi Brian,
      I’m glad that you like my tutorial.
      I’m using Wacom Intuos Pro M, it is a great tablet, and has nice pen pressure sensitivity.
      For now I don’t have a tutorial about pen tablet, but maybe in a future I will create one.

  2. Hi thanks for your swift reply.
    Is it the Wacom intros pro medium graphics tablet or the intros pro pen and touch tablet.
    There seems to be £100 difference in price.
    Do you know what the exact model number is.
    I look forward to future tutorials on Wacom when possible.
    Keep up the great work.
    Cheers beian

  3. Cheers and thanks.
    Will keep you up to date how I proceed.
    From what you say in your tutorials the Wacom is a good addition for using photoshop.
    Thanks. brian

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