Create Amazing Photo manipulations

Achieve Hollywood Quality!
Stand Out!

Global media is overwhelmed with all kinds of images. If you want to get noticed and come to the surface, you need to make something different. Something that will make people talk about. Photo Manipulation is one great tool for that!

What you'll learn

In this course, you will learn all the principles you need to know in order to create a realistic Photo Manipulation entirely on your own.

You will see Nemanja’s complete workflow.
How to think and what to do even before you get into Photoshop.

Do you know that more than 90% of people struggle to make a realistic composite just because they overlook some key points?

Nemanja will explain in detail, step by step, how he creates his composites, without any secrets, going over everything, from idea to realization.

The course is 4 hours long, with 25 videos.
All the images and PSD file are included. Also, you will get Nemanja’s Photoshop brushes used in this video.
You can see the full course content below.

What you'll need

For this course you will need Photoshop CS5 and above, but Photoshop CC is recommended because Nemanja will use camera raw filter for the final color grading.
Also Color Efex Pro filter for a final touch. It is not a must by any means, but it’s highly recommend.

Because this is a COMPOSITING course, (not Photoshop course) you’ll  need some basic Photoshop knowledge.




4 hours





Course Content

Hear what students have to say about the course

“I enjoyed this course a lot. Some of stuff I already knew, but there was also a lot of new thing and tecniques. I took this course because I’m very keen on doing imaginative images, something that interests people and might bring my work to be seen more widely. ..and perhaps get me paid for an image someday.”

-Petteri L.

“I really enjoyed this course because of how in depth it was with showing each step of the process, including what goes on before you even go into Photoshop. I have watched many tutorials on YouTube, but most of them start with the images already gathered and going straight into the edit. What will help me most is learning about how to train your brain to visualize and imagine.”

-Cesar L.

“This course is worth every penny, I learned so much and it has given me the confidence to take on different work and know that I can now get even better results. The skills you will learn will help you tackle any situation you will come up against. Thanks and hope more courses will come about in the future.”

-Jez P.

“This course is amazing and I’ve learned so much. Just as you mentioned in closing in this tutorial, I have created several Photoshop composites that I never dreamed I’d be able to create – mostly because of your instruction and inspiration. Keep up the outstanding work and I look forward to seeing your next episode!!”

-Kenneth S.

Photo Manipulation

  • Unlimited access
  • Course Images
  • Photoshop Brushes
  • PSD File
  • 25 video lessons
  • 4 hours
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