Photo Manipulation Essentials

(9 customer reviews)


In this course you will learn all the principles you need to know in order to create a Photo Manipulation completely on your own.
The course is 4 hours long with 24 lessons. All the images and PSD file is included.

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9 reviews for Photo Manipulation Essentials

  1. Mr K J ARNOLD

    This is just the course I am looking for

    • Nemanja

      Enjoy the course!

  2. Cam Babine

    You are my favorite photoshop teacher on the internet.

    • Nemanja

      Thank you!

  3. Atanas

    The same as Cam Babine:)

  4. Ahmed

    A very good course, I recommend it to anyone.

  5. James Josiah

    Please let us know if there is a black Friday deal sale cause I wanna get this lesson.

    • Nemanja

      It will be a black Friday deal next week. Subscribe to our email list and you will get notified.

  6. Ahammed Sabbir

    Is there any discount for this course?

    • Nemanja

      If you subscribe to my newsletter you will get 15% off for the course.
      You will get the code in the welcome email when you subscribe.

      Best regards

  7. Prasanna

    The techniques Nemanja teach us are very useful for the entire PS journey in your design life.

  8. Philip Asong Muleta

    the best mentor so far. Easy to follow his step tutorial. I hope I could avail the discount. thank you

  9. MiM

    I am Iranian and I met you from YouTube.
    I wanted to know how this training is, can I download it after receiving it?
    Or is it another way?

    • Nemanja

      It is a streaming course only. That means that you can watch it online whenever you want, how many times you want.

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