Sparkle Brushes and Action


This is my personal set of 35 realistic Photoshop sparkle brushes together with Photoshop action that will make your life much easier to create a Sparkle Drawing Effect in Photoshop.

These actions are working with English version of Photoshop only!

You can use them to create any kind of sparkle shape or text effect in Photoshop

You have two sets of actions. Big and Small ones. Big ones are great for image resolution around 5000px on a longer side.
Small ones are great for image resolution around 2000px on a longer side.
Try to use images around those dimensions.

Short video, how to load and use brushes and action: https://youtu.be/wcFWa8_17TQ

IMPORTANT: Mac users if you have trouble to open .ZIP files, use KEKA

My personal set of Photoshop Sparkle Brushes with Photoshop action.


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